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Fully Automated Recirculating Batch Dryer 3,000 bushels/hour

Original Price: $44,000

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2-Year Factory Warranty

Sale Price: $30,000

Diesel-powered and powerpack that allows for the unit to be connected to 3 phase power to run the augers.

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2-Year Limited Warranty

This warranty covers factory workmanship and material, under normal conditions when the dryer is set up and is used in accordance with factory instructions.

Recirculating Batch Dryer

Four tires, Ladder, Six jack stands, Larger plenum, Loading Hopper, Circulating Auger, PTO Tumbler Shaft, Dryer controls – Grain sampler, Fan clutch, Access Door to Plenum, and Vaporizer.

Grain Dryer Specifications

Model: 845XL
Fuel: Diesel

Drying Capacity: 9 TON/HR
Bushel Capacity: 20.9 TON

Height: 23 Feet 5 Inches (Working Position)

Width: 11 Feet

Length: 16 Feet 10 Inches

Burner Size (BTU/HR): 1,600.00 BTU/HR (Maximum)

Fan Size: 32 inches (AXIAL)

Fan Drive: Belt
Fan Rating: 1600 CFM @ 1.5" W.C

Weight: 5,500 Lbs

PTO Speed: 525 RPM (Maximum)

Loading Rate: 3,000 Bushels/Hour

Unloading Rate: 3,000 Bushels/Hour

Recirculating Rate: 17-20 Minutes

Electric Motor Option: 30HP (Minimum)




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